Top 5 warehouse automation solutions

18th Jul 2023 | Commercial

For many businesses, building a sustainable infrastructure in their warehouse will be important for long-term growth. Many businesses might consider expansion as the first option for growing and maintaining output. However, building a strong framework in your current facility is just as important. 

One solution to think about is implementing a full turnkey solution, using automation to its full advantage. In this guide, we will explore automation in manufacturing and suggest the top five solutions for automated warehouse systems.

What is warehouse automation and how can it help your business?

Warehouse automation is simply the process of automating a factory’s production process. The goal here is often to increase productivity and reduce the need for costly manual labour. Automation is a great solution for businesses that wish to grow. E-Commerce and FMCG businesses, which have large outputs, are particularly suited for automation.

Automated manufacturing can help businesses by increasing productivity and accuracy, for example, through the use of software. Warehouse automation solutions such as production lines and conveyor systems can increase facility safety and reduce certain labour costs.

5 automation solutions for your business

It’s good to consider various automation solutions for your business. Each option has its own benefits. Read on to find out more information about each solution.

Production line installation

One of the best automation solutions a business can rely on is the installation of a production line. Production lines are installed in factories to offer a mechanical solution for certain types of labour. 

It may be necessary to transport or move large objects or quantities from one section of the factory to another. Production lines can really help speed up the productivity of your business and remove the need for certain labour costs. Generally, they are safer than having your employees do this work manually or with machinery. 

At Alfa Industrial, we can help with production line installation, which is one of our most popular engineering services

Conveyor installation

Conveyor systems can be used to improve automation in facilities. They can move materials smoothly and efficiently between areas of a factory. A conveyor system can be automated in line with your productivity goals and can help improve your business. Often, conveyor systems will be commissioned and include the use of software that implements automation. 

If you’re looking for a solution, speak to us at Alfa, where we can help with conveyor installation

Other Mechanical installation solutions

Beyond production lines and conveyor systems, mechanical installation is a great way to improve automation in your factory. There are many solutions available. These solutions can help your employees improve their skills. They will learn how to work with software and maintain the process.

Mechanical installation can often be tailored to your business in order to achieve an automation solution that helps it grow. If you are interested in a more tailored solution using mechanical installation for automation, reach out to us today. We are one of the leading engineering companies for conveyor systems, based in Manchester. 

Mezzanine installation

Finally, one way to improve all of the working components in your automation process is through mezzanine installation. Although it is less direct than other automation solutions, it can also help grow your business. 

Mezzanine floors use structural steel to add another floor to your factory building. This means that you can expand your automation to multiple floors in your factory. For example, you may want to add a production line that covers both your factory base and mezzanine. 

Choose Alfa Industrial for warehouse automation

When selecting an automation solution for your facility, it is essential to consult an expert. This is true whether you are looking for a single solution or considering various options. The expert can help you optimise automation in your facility.

Alfa Industrial specialises in automation solutions. We provide and install production lines and other manufacturing solutions for various industries. Our expertise ensures quality service. 

Contact us today to enquire about automation solutions and how we can help your business. 

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