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Alfa Industrial are able to provide Mezzanine Floors to enable you to increase your floor area by utilising un-used height of your building.

The floor can provide additional storage space, offices or working area. A Mezzanine Floor enables you to better utilise your existing building without the need to consider a move to new premises along with the expense and disruption this would cause.

All Alfa Industrial Mezzanine Floors are designed and manufactured to suit your requirements and building layout and can be either single or multi-tier construction.

Mezzanine Floors that have personnel on them full time need to be fire rated. This can be achieved by either a Sprinkler System or Fire Cladding. Alfa Industrial can provide either of these systems. Structures of this type require Building Regulation Approval. It is a requirement that the customer obtains this. We can however obtain approval on your behalf.

Handrails are provided to all exposed edges and include knee rail and kick board.

Mezzanine Floor Accessories

Financial Benefits

In most cases a Mezzanine Floor is classified as capital equipment which may allow customers to offset the cost with relevant tax concessions.

Mezzanine Floor Barriers, Partitions and Guard Protection

It is import to protect your investment in both personnel and equipment to this end we offer a range of Barriers, Partitions and Column Guards.


From simple light duty handrail to very heavy duty channel section handrails and Armo style barriers.


Mesh partitions to form safe walk ways, separate different areas of a factory, secure areas for high value goods and to enclose dangerous machinery the list is endless.

Column Guards

To protect building, mezzanine floor columns and pallet racking frame posts.

There is a large range guards to many to show here to suit every requirement. If you do not see what you require please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a solution.

Alfa industrial can also provide bespoke solutions for your mezzanine Flooring design, manufacturing and installations.

How we work

Alfa Industrial can provide a free mezzanine flooring quotation service once we have established your exact requirements and objectives.


Mezzanine floor products will be procured and supplied to site ready for the first stage of the installation work carried out by our specialist team.


Installation will be carried out in accordance with the relevant Codes of Practice and in accordance with all Health and Safety Regulations.

Mezzanine Floor Gallery
Why Choose Us?

When it comes to Mezzanine Flooring design, fabrication and installations Alfa Industrial Services Ltd is the company of choice for many blue chip organisations.

Our Policy On Quality
Our continous improvement and implemetation of plan, do, check and act demostrates our commitment to improving safety and quality throughout our business.
Alfa Industrial can provide a free mezzanine flooring quotation service once we have established your exact requirements and objectives. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.
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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality is at the Heart of Everything We Do

At Alfa Industrial we ensure quality and safety is at the very heart of everything we do for all our customers and employees. We always place a strong emphasis on providing the best possible steelwork solutions, on time in the correct and safe way.

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Mezzanine Floors Free Advice and Written Quotation

A member of our team will be happy to discuss your exact requirements. To arrange a free consultation with a written quotation please call 0161 793 0707 or email us today.

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