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Mezzanine floors by Alfa Industrial

A mezzanine floor is one of the most effective ways to increase production and storage for any business, from warehouses to offices. Companies are able to take advantage of unused vertical space, which is already available in their commercial or industrial environment, and expand their business for a fraction of the price of acquiring new locations.

Unused vertical space in large industrial buildings is one of the most overlooked assets a business owns. In some cases, it may be possible to double the usable square footage in your space at affordable rates, with the right design.

At Alfa Industrial, we offer tailored mezzanine floor solutions that can integrate with conveyor systems and other material handling equipment. We understand customisation of your mezzanine floor is essential. Therefore, we offer a broad range of flooring and complementary additions to meet the space challenges of your premises. What’s more, our unique mezzanine designs can be made to match your company’s branding through our custom colour options.

Why choose an alfa industrial mezzanine Floor?

At Alfa Industrial, we have a proven performance history when it comes to helping businesses of all sizes increase their competitiveness by optimising their space. The result is an increase in both productivity and success. We can handle projects ranging from simple, all the way up to the complex. Our bespoke, lightweight structures easily integrate with your current environment and meet your company’s needs.

Due to our expertise in mechanical installation, structural steelwork and other engineering services, we are able to provide a full solution to your business growth goals. We can design, develop and install a variety of mechanical systems, including conveyor systems and production lines, in addition to mezzanine floor installation. We have the engineering expertise and project experience to work within the distribution, manufacturing, and commercial sectors. What’s more, we can provide our services with the flexibility and speed your business needs.

Mezzanine Flooring For Different Industries

Mezzanine floors can be utilised across different industries for a variety of applications. While commonly, warehouse mezzanines have been used to streamline conveyor systems and expand business in production industries, mezzanines are now widely seen as an option for retail and office layouts to utilise space.

Mezzanine floors for retail businesses can be used to expand upwards, making use of vertical space to display stock without having to invest in new premises. Mezzanine floors for offices equally allow companies to take advantage of excess ceiling height to increase their business operations with fewer overheads than opening and running an entirely new space.

Any businesses with spare vertical space are able to utilise a mezzanine floor to improve the running of their business, be it via production or storage, and our engineers are able to work with you in order to make the most of the space you are looking to develop.

Alfa Industries offers the following mezzanine Flooring solutions:

Decking: we offer a wide range of decking solutions to fit any environment. The type of flooring that’s best for the project depends on the purpose and the required point load.

Fire Protection: based on Building Regulations, we’ll let you know if fire protection is needed or not. This includes suspended ceilings, firewalls, staircase enclosures, and column casings.

Staircases: our staircases provide safe access and escape for the mezzanine in both an industrial and commercial environment. We offer high-quality stairs for production mezzanines or feature staircases that enhance public-facing spaces. Our engineers will recommend the best design based on your business requirements.

Edge Protection: we offer a refined edge protection system for industrial premises, including handrails, kick plates, and mesh panels to keep even the smallest items from falling. We have designed our rails to be customer-facing, even for retail spaces.

Piling: mezzanine spaces must be prepared correctly, ensuring they can withstand the specific weight loads necessary to meet the requirements of your premises.

Why Choose Us?

Alfa Industrial can meet the steel detailing and fabrication requirements needed for many types of industries:


  • We have over 20 years experience as industry leaders and providers.
  • We offer a full-service solution including site installation and fabrication.
  • Our mezzanine floor solutions can be manufactured and installed in-house.
  • The entire project is managed in one place.
  • We are SAFEContractor approved.
  • All staff is CSCS & IPAF qualified.
  • Our clients include some of the largest blue-chip companies.
  • We offer an exceptional level of skilled workmanship and service.

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How We Work


Alfa Industrial can provide a free mezzanine flooring quotation service once we have established your exact requirements and objectives.


Mezzanine floor products will be procured and supplied to site ready for the first stage of the installation work carried out by our specialist team.


Installation will be carried out in accordance with the relevant Codes of Practice and in accordance with all Health and Safety Regulations.

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What is a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor generally refers to an intermediate floor which exists between the floor and ceiling of a building. We can assist you by designing, creating and installing a completely customised mezzanine floor for your space, expanding the room you already have for your business.

What is the minimum height requirement for a mezzanine? 

14ft (4.2m) is usually the minimum height needed for a room to have a mezzanine floor installed. This is needed for there to be two functional spaces above and below each other, although every space is different and mezzanine floors can be adapted for a variety of spaces, with rooms with less height often having the option to install a mezzanine for storage.

Do I need planning permission for a mezzanine floor?

In the UK, it is unlikely you will need planning permission in order to install your mezzanine floor, although you will need Building Regulations Approval.

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