Quickest ways to expand your manufacturing business

5th Apr 2023 | Commercial

When it comes to your business, there are many different methods to consider when making sure your manufacturing operation is growing. Often, we think of expanding our manufacturing business as a time-consuming and costly process that may require purchasing more property to operate from. However, with more affordable and sustainable solutions in mind, expanding your business can be a more seamless process.

At Alfa Industrial, we offer engineering services that can help you expand your manufacturing business faster. Ranging from mezzanine floors to more advanced conveyor systems, our services have been helping manufacturers expand and increase output for over 20 years.

How to expand your manufacturing business

When it comes to manufacturing, businesses looking to grow and expand into new premises may face difficulty. Often, teams are spread thinly across different parts of the business to optimise output. This means less time is spent strategising on growth opportunities and instead time is spent on surviving. 

Then, when it comes to expansion, manufacturers have a history of opening new facilities. This can be costly and it is not necessarily a well thought out strategy. This will mean you have to buy new machinery, account for new overheads, and transport all of your materials. For example, for car manufacturers, it may be that the build specifications are so high that you may need specialist machinery, increasing costs further.

Instead, one clever way to think about expanding your business is to consider building mezzanine flooring. A mezzanine floor comes with several benefits, but particularly for manufacturers, it can help create additional space. This can be particularly important if you are looking to house additional machinery. 

Building mezzanine flooring reduces the urgent need for additional facilities, which can save your manufacturing business money. They can form a crucial part of your growth goal KPIs. If you’re a manufacturing company in the UK and are looking for a mezzanine flooring solution, learn more about the work we do at Alfa Industrial. 

How to increase productivity in manufacturing

When you’re looking to increase productivity in manufacturing, businesses often look to squeeze their employees and increase workload. However, this method becomes less sustainable over time. This is because motivation within the workforce may decrease, leading to loss of staff and the constant need to rehire and retrain. 

Instead, it’s a good time to think about new training and technology. This is so you can not only grow your business but also see productivity increase.

At Alfa Industrial, we can offer mechanical installation for manufacturing engineering. Our services include building production lines and conveyor belt systems that can help increase productivity in your manufacturing facility. These two options are appropriate in different industries and especially important for food and clothing manufacturers. These systems can help increase output and productivity among your team. 

Overall, it’s good to consider new strategies and implement new manufacturing technologies when it comes to increasing productivity. This method will be much more sustainable for your business and its growth.

What to consider when expanding a business internationally

If you’re looking to expand your business internationally, it can often take time to strategise. Our recommended approach would be to begin this work internally so you can manage expansion in-house. Growing internationally will require more exportation and the setting up of agreements and distribution partnerships. If you’re a UK-owned business, you may want to consider a partnership on a global scale to keep growing.

When it comes to internal work and strategy, you will need to grow your business by increasing your capacity to meet increased demand. One way to do this would be to think about mezzanine flooring. This can help you quickly increase your output and the facility’s ability to export. 

For example, you could use the extra space created to store more materials or to implement a new shipping process. You could even build overhead office space in order to free up space on the factory floor. This would give you a dedicated workspace to strategise on international expansion. 

We recently explored how mezzanine flooring can save your business money. This is definitely worth considering if you are a UK manufacturer looking to grow internationally.

Choose Alfa Industrial to help expand your manufacturing business

As you look to expand your manufacturing business, you will have many factors to consider to ensure you meet your growth KPIs. Some of the quickest ways to expand are often the most innovative solutions.

At Alfa Industrial, we offer innovative solutions for manufacturers looking to expand, including mezzanine flooring and mechanical installation. Get in touch if you’d like to speak to one of our expert team members who can help. You can also read more guides on our website that can help you understand more about the solutions we offer.


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