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7th Mar 2023 | Commercial

The automotive industry boasts a huge manufacturing output which means workload can be high. As the industry grows further, with increased demand for electric vehicles and new products, expansion is likely for many businesses. 

When it comes to automotive manufacturers, the first thought might be to move your base of operations to a larger space. But through some of the automotive engineering solutions that Alfa Industrial offers, this may not be necessary. In fact, you can save money and create a more sustainable approach to expansion.

In this guide we’ll explore how our services can benefit businesses in this field. 

Mezzanine floors

A mezzanine floor is suspended flooring that can be built to create more space in your manufacturing facility. Usually, they will go above where your normal manufacturing is taking place to function as extra flooring or storage. Mezzanine floors are usually made from steel, aluminium or fibreglass and are placed between the floor and ceiling.

Why invest in a mezzanine floor?

The automotive industry can benefit from the additional space created with a mezzanine floor as vehicles can require a large amount of room. This is especially true if you are building full cars or larger vehicles, as all of the parts will likely need to be stored at some point in the process. Steel fabricated mezzanine floors can be especially useful as they can carry a high weight load for manufactured parts.

As well as being useful for storage, the extra space from a mezzanine floor can be used as an office for your automotive engineers, if that is something lacking in your facility. Whatever your solution requirements are, Alfa Industrial can help by installing your own tailored design for mezzanine floors to make the most of your space in your automotive manufacturing facility.


Conveyor systems

You’ll usually have a conveyor system installed on your premises to improve the processing and manufacturing of materials in your facility. Due to their constant use, they require regular maintenance, and often upgrading your current conveyor system may be the best option to improve efficiency and productivity.

Automotive conveyor systems 

In the automotive industry, upgrading your conveyor systems can be especially important for full scale transportation of materials. By upgrading your conveyor system you can also ensure a productive manufacturing line, a more structured process and greater speed of output. 

At Alfa Industrial, we’ve worked with some of the biggest manufacturers to help upgrade conveyor systems so they are more tailored to their operations and use higher-quality mechanical conveyor systems. It’s important to plan and consider your requirements so we can upgrade and maintain an automotive conveyor system that drives your business goals.


Other mechanical servicing needs

Manufacturing automotive vehicles or parts can be demanding, meaning the automotive industry may need more advanced and tailored solutions. At Alfa Industrial we offer a range of other mechanical servicing solutions, all available to help automotive manufacturers grow their operations.

Production Line installation 

If you have a production line for your automotive engineering operations, further developing this can help you build your manufacturing process further. With an upgraded production line, your factory can handle its process in a more efficient and linear way, for example, if you outsource pre-treating and spraying for car parts before it is moved to shipping, Alfa can help upgrade your production line in order to include this part of the process. Much like a conveyor system, it takes developing a more tailored solution for your manufacturing process.

Metal fabrication 

If you want to outsource your metal fabrication, Alfa Industrial can help. One of our most sought after services is our CNC laser machine which can be used to develop parts or detailing for your automotive solution. Our CNC laser machine is the most advanced when it comes to cutting technology, and we can provide laser etching as part of the package.


Chose Alfa Industrial for automotive manufacturing 

Whatever your requirements are as an automotive manufacturer in the UK, Alfa Industrial can help. We offer leading mezzanine floor and conveyor installation, as well as a range of other automotive engineering services. Our approach is to produce a solution that helps your business optimise its output and increase efficiency. 

For more details about how these solutions can help your business, reach out to one of our dedicated team members today who can help generate a tailored quote. If you’re looking for information regarding any of our solutions, read more of our guides on our site. 


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