CNC Laser Cutting: The best laser cut products available

18th Jul 2023 | Commercial

Laser cutting is a mechanical process that involves cutting and etching shapes precisely and intricately using a CNC laser machine. The shape and design that the laser creates can be adapted to whatever requirements a business or individual may have for their project.

At Alfa industrial we offer CNC laser cutting as part of our package of services, allowing our clients to cut a variety of products using our equipment. The Alfa Industrial computer-guided laser cuts and engraves with precision each time and leaves a clean cut edge on all materials. 

The best laser cut products.

Our CNC laser machine is capable of producing a variety of products with multiple uses. Below is a list of the best laser cut products we are able to achieve with our specialist service.

Metal laser cutting 

Metal is a favoured material in engineering and building for its versatility and its ability to be cut into any pattern or shape. Some of the many metal products our laser cutter can create include signs, filing system storage, and even laser cut decorations for large scale events.

Metal laser cutting can produce items such as:

  • Event decorations
  • Signs – ideal for buildings or events
  • Spare parts for machinery or equipment 

Alfa has you covered with all your laser cutting needs and more

Alfa Industrial doesn’t just provide you with intricately-carved and personalised laser cutting services that produce high-quality finishes on all products, but we are also exceptionally skilled at our other engineering services. These include steel fabrication, mezzanine floor design and conveyor belt installation and we are one of the most respected engineering companies in Manchester.

At Alfa Industrial, we provide many helpful and efficient services to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible. From mechanical and site installations and mezzanine flooring to steel fabrication and laser cutting, we are your go-to provider of all things mechanical engineering. 

Get in touch today to enquire about the engineering services we can offer your business. 

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